For Lourdes Sake


In these troubled times, when seemingly the whole world is falling apart, we need the Blessed Virgin Mary more than ever. What does this mean? I am merely echoing the words of millions upon millions of Catholics who over the centuries have seen the work of satan (I will not dignify his name with capital letters) spreading, not just in the physical world, but in the very minds of people, in how they view the world and relate to each other. These are frightening days.

The lie of social media (says he as he sets his mind to blog) is that it “brings people closer together”. This is simply not so. In fact we have never been more divided, objectified, and unregarded. We clamour for “likes” and build tribes. We demonize others and are, in our own minds, certain we hold the truth (says he as he sets his mind to blog).

This Website is to be ultimately one long prayer: seeded by the Rosary, watered in Total Consecration to Mary (ala Saint Louis De Montfort), and born of the Virgin Mary. I hope to be guided by the Holy Spirit in all I write, yet I beg you to allow me the latitude due a fallen, sinful, man who would be praying constantly but who’s time is largely spent in repentance and recognizing his short-comings and err. Thus, I rely on the Blessed Mother at all times to guide and correct me.

I write to Catholics and people of good will who understand that man is nothing without God. God is being, holding all things in existence. God is love, creating all thing anew each passing moment. I write to people who understand that although God could have revealed Himself in any manner, He chose to enter the world through an insignificant first century Jewish girl named Mary and in doing so gave us a mother and a queen.

I write to those who would be Beloved Disciples of Jesus and who realize that when John wrote in Chapter 19, Verses 26-27. . .

26. When Jesus therefore had seen His mother and the disciple standing whom he loved, He saith to His mother: Woman, behold thy son.

27. After that, He saith to the disciple: Behold thy mother. And from that hour on, the disciple took her as his own.

. . .he is attempting to convey that “a beloved disciple will take Mary into his home as his own.” Jesus gives her to us. Jesus is not merely making provision for her. Jesus could have taken it up with John at the Last Supper or after the Tranfiguration. At any time, Jesus could have asked John to look after His mother, but it was necessary that it be done on the cross as Mary is essential to salvation history and Mary’s “Fiat” to God brought Our Lord and Redeemer into the world.

Mary as our queen is indicated in the Book of Revelations: Chapters 11 & 12.

Rev. 11; 19 And the Temple of God was opened in heaven: the Ark of His Testament was seen in His temple, and there were lightnings, and voices, and an earthquake, and a great hail.

Rev. 12; 1 And a great sign appeared in Heaven: A woman clothed with the Sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars:

Rev. 12; 2 And being with child, she cried travailing in birth, and was in pain to be delivered.

. . .

Rev. 12; 5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with an iron rod: and her son was taken up to God, and to his throne.

Mary is the new Ark of the Covenant. Mary is the woman who bore the man child. So many theologians have drawn the parallel and I could go on and on, but for the moment in this introduction to a Website that is struggling to find its feet, I will refrain.

Let us gather here, good reader, and share our devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and together seek ways to make her example a reality in our lives. Like her, each and every one of us is called to bring Jesus in to this world. We may achieve this by bringing the gospel out of the sky, and down from the mountaintop into the dirt and muddle of every day life. The gospel is real. It is precise. It tells us how to live here and in eternity. Know this: Hell is  very real and we must ask ourselves at every moment: “Is this fleeting pleasure worth an eternity in Hell?” Do not take this question lightly. God is merciful yes, but we are not “once saved, always saved”.

For the road is narrow that leads to salvation and few will find it.

Grace, Peace, and God Bless.

(C) Copyright 4 November 2018

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