Science and the Enlightenment


This is a letter I wrote recently to a younger me who thought he knew everything.

I write to you who thinks himself wiser than the ancients. I write to you who believes his understanding greater and deeper than the fathers of a thousand generations. I write to you who are wiser than the overwhelming majority of humanity that in its ignorance and simplicity has sensed a deeper purpose in the universe than their own self-expression, even if their understanding be incomplete in its expression.

I write to you spouse of the self-proclaimed “Enlightenment” who gave birth to the stillborn and soulless child that is you and finds empty every other man and woman simply because you have denied yourself the sense of perceiving them, much less to know them. I write to you who claims as his right personal ambition above all other men and all creation. I write to you, o man of the modern world, whose affirmation of an image of self, created by self, permits the annihilation of all other creatures unless, you, finding yourself in a benevolent mood, condescend to bestow mercy.

I write to you, o mirror of all you despise, who employ identical stratagems and strategies as they who oppose you in the pursuit of your self-proclaimed freedom. I write to you, o self-created god of your universe standing at the cross, the crux of the vertical ascendant, transcendent and the horizontal brotherhood of man. To you who deny both it should be made known that one is unable to deny either of these elements without losing the other. Without God, there is no man, and without man, we cannot know God.

Why, o man of self-determination, who holds his will alone sacred is there then such resentment for the free will of others? Would it be the one great and objective universal truth you hold dear applies to you and you alone? Is it that you are the universal judge? Is it that you claim to be that which you so adamantly deny? Do you claim to be the one true god? The man-god? Caesar? Cast your spear into the sea Caligula and see if you can skewer Poseidon. Dive into the waves to claim your prize.

I call upon you divine Caesar to explain why the wisdom of the God-fearing ancients is still burned upon the minds of the simple and knowing when the most revered principles of individual affirmation of the “Enlightenment” are only brought forth in the justifying of destruction and greed?

When God is known, no matter how far man strays mistaking his own will for that of God, there remains the hope that one day he will return to God and rediscovering God’s Will be saved.

If man’s will alone be declared supreme, there is nowhere to which one may return, there is no objective truth and a man is lost in the shifting sands of his own inconstant will which, in all truth, is nothing more than mere whim.

When whim and will are made one all manner of evil pours forth and, in the end, evil to correct evils are called justice. When whims are made will and this will made truth, who can fault a man for exploiting people and nature for his own pleasure and ends when a man, with his eyes fixed upon the idol of the flesh, needs the corruption of his heart affirmed as the objective truth? Yet, even though blindness be his excuse, what will prevent him from falling into the pit? To a man in this state, the material world is the only objective truth and if he should be oppressed, tortured or even killed, what right has he to despair, rebel, or even complain? His truth, his god, has spoken.

O simple man, you think you understand as though understanding issued from you? Do you not realize that in order to understand there must first be something to understand? If thou, o man, be that first cause, how is it you understand so little? We do not birth, but rather discover, learn, and obtain knowledge. Where then is this wisdom that the first man never finished comprehending and whose well is so deep the last man will never fathom?

“Enlightened” man marvels that God is not fully understood by the faithful. He asks, “why are you the faithful subject to all the err and mistakes that befall all men?” and he would hold this as proof there is no God. “Enlightened” man says: “I can know, through science, the deepest mysteries of the universe,” and when his science books fail he continues to believe in the god of science saying it is the pursuit of science not the knowing or full understanding that is noble. Why then, when man with all his limitations, fails in his unfolding understanding of God, he is told it is because God does not exist? By this reasoning, one may conclude scientific knowledge does not exist. Both are silly assertions. Could it be that science is the study of the physical universe and religion the study of the spiritual and do not find themselves in juxtaposition to one another? Could it be they complement one another?

Ponder this, a person having witnessed the horrors of war seeks healing, is the one and only solution some sort of serotonin uptake inhibitor? I maintain that until the spirit of that person finds healing, although all the symptoms be repressed or masked that person will never be healed. Science provides no such remedy. We may play with words attempting to shift perspective, we may drug, we may be able to provide outlets for neurotic symptoms, but there will be no healing until that person can find a peace in his soul. How can a science that denies the existence of the soul heal the soul? To phrase it strangely, a man cannot pursue an objective knowledge without recognizing this knowledge to be independent of himself; likewise, it would be equally absurd to know there is an objective knowledge and that we would have no means to inquire into or explore it. To be aware of knowledge suggests it can be explored and to explore knowledge, we must at least assume it to exist.

Do you find fault in my reasoning? Therefore, as science is a means to come to know the physical world of creation, so religion is the means to come to know the spiritual world of God. Is science or religion perfect? No, far from it, hence scientists continue to search. With religion it is much the same, man seeks.

If the universe is truly random and pure chance, how is it that we can claim any natural laws? If we are unable to define any natural laws, what can be discerned? Is science real, or is it the fancy and imagination of people who want to explain that which has no explanation and is absent of reason?

There are those who think themselves wise for the many books they have read and the complex questions they have pondered and yet, they have managed, in their own hearts, to reduce man to a series of chemicals and chemical reactions. Is it any wonder people are disposable to them when they have forgotten how to see the humanity of a human being? And not seeing, how can they love? In their construct, man is nothing. Man is become a consumer whose only destiny is to be consumed. What does it matter if he is consumed by time, by disease, by misfortune, or by another man? All this is a matter of appearances, unless, of course, man is something more. Science would say, “no.” However, if one becomes aware that man is created in the image of God, each man’s life becomes sacred and religion is the study of how to explore and honour that sacredness and how it relates to God.

Science has cast the Earth to an insignificant arm of a medium size galaxy, so that man no longer sees it as the center of the universe, but is it not objectively true that this little planet is the center of man’s universe? That all our being and aspirations depend on this little planet? Is not Earth the center of man’s universe? Leave Earth to science and it is little more than a dwindling resource. Science has made a problem of the Earth, when Earth is the very thing that sustains us. Even now geo-engineering is proposing ways to pollute the atmosphere with sulfur to counteract the pollution science created which is responsible for climate change. How far can A-moral, so called “pure” science go? GMOs?

Science? One thinks back to the temptations in the desert. Satan, knowing that Jesus after forty days of fasting was greatly hungered said, “If thou art the Son of God make these stones bread.” Politics? Power? Again, the temptation in the desert. Satan took Jesus up on to a high mountain and in an instant showed him all the kingdoms and principalities of the world and said, “All these kingdoms, principalities and nations have been given into my power, and I will give them all to you if you will but bow down and worship me.” Such is the nature of mans’ greatest ambitions. Science is no longer about exploration and understanding, science is the search for the power of exploitation and manipulation and this happens when man says, “there is no objective goodness, there is no God.”

Let us pray:

O Father grant, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the ability to discern folly and the humility to know that the only true wisdom is to adhere to Your Law and live Your Will. We ask this through Christ our Lord.


May Almighty God bless you; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


(C) Copyright 20 November 2018

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