Life is Beautiful!

JMJ Rejoice! Move beyond passing moments fleeting fancies Experience Eternity The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand The Kingdom of Heaven is Now step out of time and into                                        Love.        Be still.   … Continue reading Life is Beautiful!

Watering Down the Wine

JMJ Our Lord Jesus changed water into wine. Our modern age seems to be striving to change His wine into water. You will discover shortly this blog is to tackle a difficult subject that has plagued me for many years. I do not expect people to agree with my suggestions (I cannot call them conclusions … Continue reading Watering Down the Wine

I Do. The Wedding at Cana.

JMJ Far be it for me to comment on this particular text when so many great scholars, past and present have undertaken this task. The homily given at our church today by our deacon, who is a most devout man, "frankensteined" many of these commentaries, along with his own pious commentary and ruminations and was … Continue reading I Do. The Wedding at Cana.

Let It Be

JMJ To simply say: Yes. Coming to God, seeking holiness is not an act of will beyond surrendering our own will pinned under our fallen nature to God. We cannot by our own strength lift the boulder that presses us into the mud. We can only cry out from the miry clay: Help! Rescue me, … Continue reading Let It Be

Born Anew Through Mary; Born into the Family of Christ.

JMJ Who am I that I should be arrogant enough to claim myself worthy to be a slave to the Handmaiden? How dare I claim acceptance to Her court? Let it be that these lofty ambitions be a prayer. O Holy Spirit, I implore Thee, allow me, by the Grace of God, to serve Him … Continue reading Born Anew Through Mary; Born into the Family of Christ.

The Unbearable Violence of Me-ing

JMJ To have read the Gospel of Jesus and to ask: How can I live the life Jesus taught in the modern world? It is a question asked by cowards. It is a question asked by me. The first problem is the "I". Is not this the essence of the question? Here is another question: … Continue reading The Unbearable Violence of Me-ing