Life is Beautiful!



Move beyond passing moments

fleeting fancies

Experience Eternity

The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

The Kingdom of Heaven is Now

step out of time and into


       Be still.

       Know God.

The stillness of remaining motionless

allowing cares, worries, follies, fears,

          demands, furors, angers, pains

                    passions, desires, wants, needs,

                              torments torrents of the temporal world

                                         stream, rush, flood by you.

       Be still.

       Know God.

The stillness of remaining silent

as screams, howls, bellows, yells,

          bangs, booms, clashes, crashes,

                    clamors, cacophonies, groans, moans,

                              thoughts thunder, storm, rage by you.

       Be still.

       Know God.

The stillness of tenderhearted seeing

permitting illusions, delusions, parades, pageants,

          appearances, enticements, seductions, airs,

                    images, pretenses, identities, egos,

                              fabrications flash, dash, streak by you.

       Be still.

       Know God.





a still, small voice

     whispering in the dark,

               doing so





Let your soul magnify Him

Let your spirit rejoice in Him

Know that He hath regarded you

Know that He hath blessed you

LIVE!——-from your heart.

Let your stillness be an eternal motion,

an infinite symphony of praise,

a bolt of lightening setting the skies aflame!

ROAR!——-like the waves.

Cry out from the mountains,

          from meadows,

                      from wooded hollows,

                                 from beaches,

from farm lands,

           from city streets,

                    from flower flooded valleys,


                                         a voice crying out in the desert:

                                              Hear O Humanity!

                                              The Lord is our God!

                                              The Lord is One!

                                              The Lord is Love!



                                             fully alive

                                              in God.    

(C) Copyright 28 January 2019

One thought on “Life is Beautiful!

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