Liberal Rhetoric Precipitates Attacks on Catholics

(Letter to the Editor: Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Bozeman, Montana, 25 July 2020)


Recently, hateful rhetoric of extremist groups, citing systemic injustices against minorities as pretext to transcend the law and attack anything contrary to their own world view, has precipitated a spate of attacks on the Catholic Church.

Justifying their intolerance of alternative views by claiming intolerance of anyone who has a difference of opinion, no matter how benign, these new liberals have no interest in any form of dialogue, seeking only to replace what they deem an oppressive state with their own oppression. Seeking not a universal freedom of expression, they would become the new masters, new oppressors. Intent on tearing down, they present no blueprint, rather vagaries referring to some-sort of social justice of which they possess no concrete vision. The guiding manifesto of this movement can be expressed in a half-dozen bumper-stickers or a single tweet.

This Neo-Lib-Mob (NLM) is attacking the Catholic Church. They resent the Church having food banks and soup kitchens while they burn down corner stores. The Church having hospitals to save children, while they want Planned Parenthood to murder them.

Almost every day the Church and her statues are vandalized, fires being set, Tabernacles stolen (a desecration Catholics should be willing to die to prevent). These attacks are specifically targeted at the Catholic Church as the Blessed Virgin Mary is often in the cross-hairs. Mainstream media fails to cover this in any analytical manner rendering it anecdotal rather than endemic. 

These are Hate Crimes, Acts of Terror, and contrary to the Constitutional guarantee of the free exercise of religion.

Another protest movement creating an atmosphere where people felt entitled to burn Black Churches, paint swastikas on Synagogues, deface Mosques, or break windows of a Planned Parenthood would result in Federal investigations and prosecutions.

Should not Catholics be entitled the same protections afforded other groups? 

(C) Copyright 25 July 2020

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