The Dream of America


America is a nation founded on principles we have yet to realize. Our Constitution, the noble words that make it up were written by imperfect men who knew the world could be a better place but failed in execution. The coming of age of our Republic and the flowering of the ideas that define her were left to future generations. If America is not all that she should be 250 years later, we are as much to blame as our Founding Fathers along with all the generations that constitute America’s history.

The promise of America is a Utopian vision. Utopian visions are scoffed upon. Cynicism, lack of trust, absence of faith determines how we live. Laws come into being either out of greed or fear. In modern times, no one dare dream of what may be built. There is an expectation that all things, even human relationships arrive assembled, ready to use, and in no less time than second day delivery. Like televisions, radios and toasters, relationships, marriages, and people are all disposable. There seems little interest in repair and no expectation of quality.

Rather than build, we tear down. Our solution to every problem is to declare war. For example, the War on Drugs declares the addict the enemy when in reality an addict is often a person who needs healing and reconciliation, not criminalization and further marginalization. Don’t like something. . .tear it down. Don’t like someone or what he said. . .tear him down. Let him be canceled. Even unjustly accused, one is branded with a scarlet letter tattooed in indelible ink and ostracized. One is erased. Once tagged, one’s only hope is total capitulation to the mob who may allow one to survive for a time as long as one proves useful to their propaganda machine.

It is possible to live in peace. For us Catholics we must begin with our faith. We must remember that it is not for the Church to reflect the values of the culture in which her members live, but to inform that culture either in harmony or loving dissent. A Christian should never be cruel to any person no matter how detestable, knowing that to another we may so be. Understanding in our hearts that no matter what another may have done, “but for the grace of God, there go I.” Our pursuit of justice should always be tempered by our desire for mercy. We are, all of us, God’s beloved children and by merit of this alone deserving of love, compassion, and mercy.

Our Baptism is our oath of citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven. As with citizens of all nations, we Christian, have duties, obligations and responsibilities incumbent us. We must be engaged, committed, diligent, and faithful or the Kingdom begins to unravel. A house divided cannot stand!

Take heart and fear not! For we have been given the promise that the Gates of Hell will not prevail against Christ’s Church.

Raise the Battle Banner of the Most Holy Cross, arm your self with love and mercy, and charge out onto the battlefield and begin to care for the wounded. The time to kill has passed. It is a time to heal.

We must be ever mindful that as Catholic Christians we are citizens of the Kingdom of God and where any national allegiance comes contrary to the commandment and ways of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ our loyalty is to Him and His Church on Earth. It is for us to bring the Church’s values and teachings to be expressed in our words, our actions, our very beings beautifully, gracefully to all aspects of the culture from the arts to politics and from family to nation. Through her faithful the Church and culture express themselves in every day life and in extraordinary moment; in time of crisis and in time of celebration; in time of peace and in time of strife.

It is for us to bring the best of the Catholic Church to our nation and not to adopt the worst of our nation into the Church.

Let us Pray:

O Lord, through the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I beg Thee grant me the grace to discern Thy Most-Holy Will, the strength to carry it out, and the perseverance to continue in it throughout this life and in eternity. I am Thine, O Lord, let no one doubt. I ask this through Christ Our Lord.


May almighty God bless thee; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


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