Fighting the Spiritual Battle: Part 1A: Know Your Enemy-the “Evil One”

JMJ I think the most fundamental necessities of going in to a battle are as follows: define the enemy: to actually have an enemy is absolutely essentialdetermine your allies: know who is on your sideknow what victory looks like: have clear stated objectivesamass the weapons and tools: go into battle well armedunderstand the battlefield: where … Continue reading Fighting the Spiritual Battle: Part 1A: Know Your Enemy-the “Evil One”

We do not create the Kingdom of God, we become the Kingdom of God

JMJ What was Christ telling Us? For people to bring the teaching of Christ to bear in their lives and the world essential to the propagation of the Kingdom of God, a vigorous debate concerning the meaning of Christ's words concerning His Kingdom is necessary since cultural paradigms can skew original meanings. It is contrary … Continue reading We do not create the Kingdom of God, we become the Kingdom of God

Surrender or Die!

JMJ God doesn't take prisoners. He gave us free will. This strangely means we can do whatever we want. It also means that we are subject to the outcomes born of our decisions. We are responsible for ourselves, for our families, for our friends, our neighbors, our communities, our nations and our world. This includes … Continue reading Surrender or Die!

What is the Gospel of Christ?

JMJ What is the Gospel of Christ? Some think it a pious book of a man who dreamed of utopia, others know that man to be God and in Him the promise of Heaven, but people who truly begin to understand Christ know that His testimony, His Life, His life's example is a Commandment as … Continue reading What is the Gospel of Christ?

Love Unmasked by Wearing a Mask

JMJ Today there is a segment of the population that is outraged by wearing a mask in public as though they have lost some fundamental human right. We are in the midst of a world-wide pandemic about which, despite the best efforts of many good minds, we know very little. So, we are asked to … Continue reading Love Unmasked by Wearing a Mask

Saint Oscar Romero on the Cancel Culture

JMJ Saint Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, canonized a Saint by Pope Francis 14 October 2018, served his people and God during a time of great political strife in El Salvador. He led a persecuted Church under an oppressive regime. The people of El Slavador were caught in a violent conflict between right- and … Continue reading Saint Oscar Romero on the Cancel Culture

Lazarus and the American Dream

JMJI remember hearing a man from South America talk about economic and American exploitation of his country. American ( and other nations) predatory, even imperialistic economic practices in the third world have created a plethora of corrupt, petty, client states. However, this blog is not about geo-econo-politics, but rather a paradigm of wealthy nations, in … Continue reading Lazarus and the American Dream

Blessed Are The Poor

JMJ People. Refugees are people. The poor are people. the hungry are people. "Illegal aliens" are people. Undocumented immigrants are people. Words like "refugee, poor, hungry, illegal (as if a person by nature of standing on the Earth may be deemed "illegal"), undocumented" are statements of under which these souls live, not an identification of … Continue reading Blessed Are The Poor

Robin Hood, the Mary Men, & the Maids Marian

JMJ The infighting between so called conservative and liberal Catholics must stop. Traditional Latin Mass and Novus Ordo must come together as one Church. The Mass said in Latin, English, Spanish, Polish, German, Chinese, French, Swahili, Japanese. . .is the Mass. We are Catholics and we, at this time in History, have greater threats to … Continue reading Robin Hood, the Mary Men, & the Maids Marian

The Dream of America

JMJ America is a nation founded on principles we have yet to realize. Our Constitution, the noble words that make it up were written by imperfect men who knew the world could be a better place but failed in execution. The coming of age of our Republic and the flowering of the ideas that define … Continue reading The Dream of America