Man Cannot Serve Two Masters

JMJ Sir Thomas More: There is one question I would like to ask the witness. That's a chain of office you're wearing. May I see it? The Red Dragon. What's this?Judge: Sir Richard is appointed Attorney General for Wales.Sir Thomas More: For Wales. Why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for … Continue reading Man Cannot Serve Two Masters

To Be For: Pondering Love of Neighbor on St. Valentine’s Day

JMJ What does a person stand for? What defines one? I am certain to be not the only to notice that very few people these days are "for" anything. Most of the self-defining I have been privy to is "what I am against". People on social media listing as "anti-this" and anti-that". In this, the … Continue reading To Be For: Pondering Love of Neighbor on St. Valentine’s Day

Methinks Me Hears the Thunder of Spike-Heeled Jackboots

The Misogynistic Nature of Abortion JMJ Methinks me hears the the thunder of spiked-heeled jackboots crushing the skulls of infants 'neath the goose-stepping march of woman's ambition, woman's desire to find affirmation in the denial of her body and in the desire to become more like the worst of man's aspirations to power, to pleasure … Continue reading Methinks Me Hears the Thunder of Spike-Heeled Jackboots


JMJ What is this, O Lord? Timeless in nature How does one, in time, conceive Almost able to grasp no end, no beginning escapes me I created in timeless moment, in no time at once with all else now ever there. . .in your mind O Infinite Mind! Allowing glimpses of what is incomprehensible through … Continue reading Eternity

On the Guilty and Innocent Alike

JMJ Tower of Babel, ShinarTower of Siloam, JerusalemTwin Towers, New York City Some people seem to delight in the suffering of others. They will be the first to tell you they do not, but they seem to think that misfortune visited upon another (and it is always "another" for when it comes to themselves, they … Continue reading On the Guilty and Innocent Alike

A Forgotten Language

JMJ I used to know how to pray. I used to talk freely with God. As easy as I talked with my mother, or a close friend. But that was before I was educated and now I feel pressure to prove that education? To you? To God? What have I lost my mind? Perhaps I … Continue reading A Forgotten Language

“In God We Trust”

JMJ Immaculate Heart of Mary, transform me! The time to begin loving one another is now. At this point one is often inclined to say, "we must set aside differences and. . .," but not I. I will say "set aside affectations. . .false differences. . .human constructs" for none of these are reality. Only … Continue reading “In God We Trust”

Adam, Where art Thou?

JMJ So many people ask, " if God is all good, all powerful, all loving, why is there evil in the world? Why does God allow evil? Why does God allow men, women, and children to suffer, to go homeless, to die without care. He doesn't. WE do. We act as though we have not … Continue reading Adam, Where art Thou?

30 Pieces of Silver

JMJ What in your life is your thirty pieces of silver? Money is like fire, it is extremely useful, but if you attempt to hold on to it, you will be burned. . .eternally. People get so upset when a man speaks against money in a religious context. They begin to stress words in phrases. … Continue reading 30 Pieces of Silver

Fighting the Spiritual Battle: Part 1A: Know Your Enemy-the “Evil One”

JMJ I think the most fundamental necessities of going in to a battle are as follows: define the enemy: to actually have an enemy is absolutely essentialdetermine your allies: know who is on your sideknow what victory looks like: have clear stated objectivesamass the weapons and tools: go into battle well armedunderstand the battlefield: where … Continue reading Fighting the Spiritual Battle: Part 1A: Know Your Enemy-the “Evil One”